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Running pace calculator is a tool for all track and road distance runners and their coaches, which helps you to convert times between any kind of road or track distances with the given pace.

You can use it as marathon, half-marathon (21km) pace calculator, or as pace calculator for shorter distances, such as 10k, 5k, one mile, two mile, 3k, 1500m pace calculator or split calculator.

You can easily calculate target time on splits for marathon, half-marathon and any other distance, eg target time on each mile or kilometer on marathon, half-marathon, 10k or 5k distance, or target times on each 400m or 200m splits for track distances, such as 3k, one mile, 1500m.

Running pace and split calculator allows you to concentrate on your training goals instead of doing cumbersome and error-prone calculations.

For example, your training plan requires that you run 3k or 5k splits at your target marathon pace. You can get it easily with one second precision with the help of running pace calculator. Or you need your kilometer pace be 3 seconds faster than your target marathon pace on a 3k split. What sounds like a piece of maths you can get just by typing in your target marathon time and then adjusting 1k time - you immediately get your time on 5k, 3k, 10k and other distances with that pace.

You can easily do miles to kilometers and kilometers to miles conversions, and you can use mile pace or kilometer pace.

How to use running pace calculator

All time values, and custom distance values are editable. Just focus on the number, click and start typing, or use up and down arrows to adjust.

All values are immediately synchronised as you type, you don’t need to click submit or anything like that. So when you type miles, kilometers are adjusted, when you type kilometers, miles are adjusted, and time values are adjusted as well.

When you close the page with the running pace calculator, and then load it again, all the values you used recently are back.